We Calibrate:

Thread wires And Torque wrenches,gage blocks, plain setting rings, thread plug gages, pin gage set, Deltronic gages, temperature & humidity recorders.

We specialize in the repair and calibration of:

Dial indicators, Dial Drop Indicators, Dial Calipers, Dial Bore Gages, Vernier Calipers, Digit Hite-icators, Oditest Intramikes, O.D. Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Inside Micrometers, Blade Micrometers, Groove Micrometers, Point Micrometers, Indicating, Micrometers (including lapping measuring faces, parallelism .000004", flatness .0000015").

Etalon, dial micrometer, micrometer, indicating micrometer.

We repair all types of dimensional measuring equipment (Optical comparators,hardness testers).


Our capability to calibrate and certify in conformance with ISO/ IEC 17025, ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1, ISO-9002/QS 9000 and MIL - STD - 45662A enables us to service your equipment quickly and efficiently.

We repair optical comparators, also we calibrate and repair hardness testers.

All gages are repaired, calibrated and certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1, ISO- 9002/QS 9000 and MIL-STD-45662A.