No. 120 Series and 120M Series Dial Calipers

0 -12
No. 120M
0 -300mm
The Only American Made Dial Caliper … This is one of the handiest measuring tools available, used by mechanics and toolmakers everywhere. It is direct reading, reliable and accurate.

Readability Features

Sharp, clear dial graduations of .001 or 0.02mm – .100 or 2mm in one revolution

Sharp, black graduations on the satin finished bar, every .100 or 1mm

Choice of black, red, or white inch dials; millimeter dials are yellow

Ease-of-Handling Features

◆ Knife-edge contacts for both inside and
outside measurements
◆ One hand use with the thumb-operated,
fine adjustment roll

Lock screw for dial bezel

◆ Lock screw for holding the sliding jaw in position
◆ 6 (150mm) and 9 (225mm) models have a covered rack depth rod. A detachable depth rod is available for the 12 model
◆ Parallel lines can be scribed on a workpiece by setting the caliper jaw to the required dimensions, locking the movable jaw with the lock screw and then using the front edge of the fixed jaw as the scribing surface

Accuracy and Long-Life Features

◆ Long-wearing carbide faces on outside contacts on models Nos. 120AX-6 and 120MX-150 only
◆ Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears and depth rod
◆ Positive, split-gear anti-backlash control
◆ Rack teeth point down to make it easy to shed foreign matter and thereby keep the area clean